About All Junked Up

We are committed to making each person and business the most important customer we have. We bring professionalism, honesty, integrity, humor, and compassion to the junk removal industry. We love meeting with our customers and see as not just a one-time meeting but as an opportunity to build a relationship. We have taken what can be a complicated and stressful process and turned it into an experience that is easy and can even be fun. We hope that you give All Junked Up the opportunity to serve your junk removal needs.

Core Values


Serve Others

We serve others by expressing gratitude and appreciation, leading by example to honor the other person. We listen more than we speak-to genuinely hear what’s being said before offering our own opinion or response.


We believe in the power of accomplishing our goals. We are not afraid to fail. We take risks and learn from our mistakes, because we believe in going the extra mile for our clients.


We believe in practicing common courtesy and demonstrating gratitude for the people who have helped us along our journey. Our appreciation & dignity allow us to show love by treating each other with care.


We believe in being honest, courageous, forgiving, and grateful. These qualities help us to be good people and to live virtuous lives. We build trust with others and stay true to ourselves.

Elevate Others

We believe that it is vitally important to encourage and inspire others to reach their full potential. We also believe that it is crucial to celebrate the success of others. Seeing others succeed reminds us that anything is possible, and it shows others that we’re capable of making positive changes.


About Michelle Hill

My name is Michelle Hill, and I am the owner of All Junked Up. We have had the awesome opportunity to help our customers become stress-free by getting rid of their unwanted junk since 2014.

Before starting this endeavor, I drove 18-wheelers delivering fuel in the DFW area for 8 years. As much as I loved the job, I wanted to do something more impactful. I found the impact I wanted to make in junk removal.

This business definitely doesn’t come without its challenges, but luckily I love a good challenge!

I understand my customers because not only did I lose my first husband in 2000, but I was a hoarder for over 20 years.

I am now remarried – please say a prayer for my husband as we have been together for 18 years and married for about 12 years! He says he feels like we have been married for 200 years, and I say you have no idea!!

I love what I do, and do what I love!

About Scrappy

Scrappy was our 14-year-old German Shepherd mix. He was and always will be our favorite mascot of our company. He was a beautiful dog with such a big and fun-loving heart and he is missed every day!

Laid to rest May 14, 2015

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